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In co-operation with various Slovenian and foreign sculptors, Kamšek Art Foundry has been combining talent and ability since 1989. As the previous generation of this family was also dedicated to the casting craft, these skills have been passed from generation to generation.

In our work, we focus primarily on customers’ ideas, which vary greatly due to the nature of our craft.

We create everything from miniatures to large sculptures cast in bronze, but authors can also choose silver and aluminium.

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Years of experience

A good work of art depends on talent, while a good final product is largely dependent on the abilities, and is the result of years of experience.

Let your idea become reality, where the technology of lost-wax casting will be limited only by your imagination.

Manufacture methods

  • Classic fireclay moulds
  • Ceramic shells
  • CO2 sand moulding
  • Bronze sheet metal

Manufacture methods

Classic fireclay moulds

The classic technique of casting complex forms using the lost-wax procedure.

Using a model, we make a silicone mould, which is used to make a wax model.  The wax model is then covered with a fireclay material.

The fireclay mould is burned in a furnace until the wax burns, leaving behind a hollow negative space of its shape. This space is filled up with the melt during casting.

Once the fireclay mould is broken off, we get a rough cast of the model shape, slightly smaller due to contraction of material (1–3%).

Ceramic shells

The procedure is identical to the classic procedure, with the difference of the wax model, which is covered with a ceramic shell.

In this procedure, we use waxes with greater hardness, since mechanical load on the model during mould making are higher than in making a classic fireclay mould.

Suitable for small, precise casting.

CO2 sand moulding

Cheaper technology, used for less complex castings (also of large sizes).
We also use the technology of 3D printed sand moulds, most often for inscription plaques with a lot of characters.
Printed segments can also be built into the CO2 mould.

Bronze sheet metal

This technique is suitable for manufacturing simple shapes with clean surfaces with a greater hardness than castings.

Based on developed shells, we cut up the bronze sheet metal (using a laser or water jet), and then bend and weld it (using MIG or TIG procedures) into the final form of the 3D model.

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Years of experience

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